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February 15, 2020 3 min read

Diet and Nutrition tips for a healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth. While this may sound cliche, it is cent per cent accurate. To stay fit and to maintain good health, we have to feed our body a balanced nutritious diet. Key to a healthy diet is to eat the right amount of calories corresponding to the number of calories you burn in a day. We Indians tend to consume more calories than we burn in a day, and this is the root cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some diet and nutrition tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  •       Consume a fibre rich diet

One of the most iterated fitness tips would be to have a fibre rich diet. Include lots for fruits and vegetables in your diet. Veggies and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and thus are an excellent way to balance your diet. Moreover, when you eat salads and fruits, you have chew more and chewing more will help you fool your brain into thinking that you have had enough food. A fibre-rich diet will limit your portion size, keep a check on your calories intake and will supplement your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Thus this is our number one health and fitness tip.

  •       Cut down on saturated fats and refined sugar

Our food habits sum up our fitness levels, and we Indians are known for our sweet tooth and fried food. While this may taste good, it is incredibly harmful to our body. Fitness and diet go hand in hand and thus here is our top fitness food tip. Cut down on fatty meats, fried food, sugar-based sweets, carbonated drinks, chocolates and cakes etc. Unregulated intake of saturated fats will lead to an increase in your cholesterol levels, and high consumption of sugar will increase your risk of obesity. This heath fitness tip is a must-follow for all those you are working for weight loss.

  •       Increase your protein intake

Abs are in trend, and with right workout regime and nutrition regime, anyone can get killer abs. If you are working on getting abs, increase your protein intake is the fitness tip you should swear by. Protein helps in gaining muscle mass, and thus it is a must for people who are working on losing weight or getting chiselled six-pack abs. Aim at including at least one source of protein to each meal as protein will help you feel fuller for a longer time, curbs cravings and thus will stop you from overeating.

  •       Stay Hydrated

Most repeated but still most underrated fitness tip is staying hydrated. Drink enough water every day for a healthy lifestyle. Soft drinks or any other liquids are not supplements for H2O. Studies have shown that drinking plenty of water helps reducing weight, maintaining weight and also in burning calories.

  •       Stay active

Staying active every day is perhaps the best fitness tip for a healthy lifestyleHealthy food tips will not show results unless you remain active and work out regularly. There is no specific norm to staying active, all you need to do is get on your feet and burn the excess calories you consumed. You can do this by taking a walk, jogging, yoga or you can go to the gym, the choice is yours. The prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle is staying active, and you must do this for all the fitness and health tips to show results.  

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