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February 15, 2020 2 min read

A healthy body is a precursor to a healthy mind and to keep the body healthy one needs to exercise regularly. Regular exercise has numerous mental and physical health benefits. Working out will help you gain strength, increase your stamina, help you lose weight, lower the risk of lifestyle diseases and will help age well. Getting the right amount of exercise will rev up your energy levels and will help you improve your mood.

Exercise is often misunderstood as something that can only be done at a gym, and because 'gymtimidation' is very real and very miserable, one tends to forego working out altogether. Workouts and exercise can be done anywhere and gym is just one place where people go for regular exercise. Just like a gym you can exercise at your home, in your garden, while at work or you can decide to go for a brisk walk or go jogging. Home workouts are very much possible and can help you stay fit. 

The most comfortable form of home workout is Aerobic exercise because it does not require any equipment and can be done easily by beginners and experts alike.


Aerobic Exercises

Human heart enjoys a good workout like the other muscles of our body. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that gets the heart pumping and gets you breathing harder. Regular aerobic exercise will make your heart and lungs stronger. Aerobic exercise will also increase the flow of oxygen in your body.

Hereafter reading this, the question must be, is a cardio workout and aerobic workout the same. The short answer is yes. Cardio and aerobic exercise are used interchangeably. A good cardio workout could be biking, running, walking, swimming, dancing, skating etc. These can all be done at home. To help you exercise better, we are attaching links to popular Aerobic workout channels.

  • The Fitness Marshall


This is one of the best channels for a cardio dance workout. Their workout video on Shawn Mendes' Senorita is my current favourite to dance to and exercise on.



  • Blogilates


The workouts are centered around dance and Pilates. The danceable workout routines are perfect for beginners and advanced exercisers alike.



  • Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home


Walking is a great aerobic exercise, and we have a channel dedicated to walking. Well, this is probably the most straightforward aerobic exercise available on the planet.



  • PopSugar Fitness


Fitness is a workout arm of a popular entertainment channel, and they post glamorous yet helpful cardio and aerobic workout routine videos. Their energetic routines are worth a try.



Exercising regularly, getting your heart rate high, staying active and working on your overall fitness levels has great many health benefits. Staying fit is a lifestyle choice one has to make consciously to reap the benefits of good health. You can choose from any of the workout types above and follow the path of good health and a healthy lifestyle.





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